[Solved] How to stop Printing receipt based on Order Status


I am trying to control printing receipt based on Order status but still having problem

here is what I did
*******Automation command Do Not Print

******Action Order Status Updated New -> No Print

*****Rules {ORDER STATE:Status} Equals New or NEW ( I tried both)
Excute Print Job

I can see Order status is New but its not printing if I set Order status Not Print using automation command Do Not Print still it is not printing. either way it’s not doing any thing.

can some one tell me what is wrong here?

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there are so many rules that deal with states. Probably another rule is overridijng it. I can not really tell you much because you gave very limited information.

Why do you want to control prints with order states?

I want to stop printing customer receipt when ever I know that customer don’t want receipt

when we create new ticket Order state is New and when ticket close Order state is submitted ( New -> submitted)

if I press Do Not Print it will change Order State from New to No Print

My Payment Process Rules handle Printing when Remaining amount = 0 then it start printing so I put this

{ORDER STATE:Status} Equals New or NEW also I tried Submitted or SUBMITTED but no success

I still do not understand… Payment Process Rule does not check State… it will print when balance is 0 regardless ofr your state … there is not a Do not print action… Also New gets changed … YOu may need to develop a different flow… maybe change from printing at payment processed to just printing on demand with button.

I added the rules to check the order status if order status is New or submitted then it will print if order status No Print than no receipt printing

Maybe you should create a new flow for this… create a Ticket State for printing instead of trying to use order state.

you mean {TICKET STATE:status} equals No Print and it will stop printing
once we close ticket it will from unpaid to Paid right ?

No I mean create a new Ticket State flow for it. Not use a current one.

Settings .>> States >> Print Group Code Status State Type Entity State like this ?

YOu do not have to actualy create them in settings… just use the update ticket state action

Before we go any further so I do not get things confused… Can you give a scenario of when you would use this and why? It helps if we know the operational flow there may be things we can recommend that you did not think of.


when customer pay and we press payment button receipt print
so many time customer don’t want that receipt specially rush hours for fast food at that time I want to keep pressing No Print Button so it will not print receipt. and no waste of paper also no clutter on small counter.

also I am planning to use same printer for pick up and delivery ticket. if there are too many receipt than employee may throw the delivery or pick up ticket and I may have problem at that time too

So make the No Print button change Ticket State to NoPrint put the constraint in your Payment processed rule. {TICKET STATE:Status} NOT EQUALS NoPrint

like this

Done it’s work thanks a lot I was tired using that Order State

Order States are not read very well at payment processed remember they are on order line… payment processed is ticket level. Does not mean that cant be read there… just means they have to be read a specific way. Like {ORDER STATE TOTAL:Display=Kitchen}

also when we go to ticket viewer there is a Display button can I put reprint Next to it ? so easy to reprint with one click instead reload the paid ticket and then Press Reprint Receipt Button?

No you can not put another button there… but you do not have to completely reload the ticket… just hit display and then press print. Have to have a Print button made and mapped to ticket have enabled set to blank not * and visible = Paid

Once we click on Display I can see whole order

is there a way we can create a Reorder Button ? once we press that button entire order entered as a New Ticket This is for customer repeat order. some time customer order 3 - 4 custom item so this kind of reorder button comes handy during RUSH HOUR :slight_smile:

Yes actually you can… take a look at Create Ticket action… and pay attention to clone ticket and clone all orders.

Mapping for the automation command Reorder ?