[Solved] Issue with Printing Ticket Tags

I am setting up Samba to now enter takeaway and delivery orders where a name and (possibly) address is used.

I’ve decided the easiest way to do this is to use ticket tags.

I’ve add a ticket tag called “Customer” and created a subtag called “Address”.
All works fine except for when i am printing tickets.

I am using the standard ticket template so i wrapped the name and address field in brackets so they would not print for a normal dine in order. And also, we don’t want address to be printed for a takeaway order.

The relevant printer tag looks like this:

[<C00>Customer: {TICKET TAG:Customer}] <-- Doesn't work.
[<C00>Address: {TICKET TAG:Customer.Address}]  <-- Works perfectly

The problem is with the top line. Wrapped in brackets, the customer name does not print, as if the value was empty.

HOWEVER, and this is the weird thing, if i remove the brackets in the template like this:
<C00>Customer: {TICKET TAG:Customer}
… it works and prints the customer name without issue.

The problem i then have though is that the dine in tickets where a customer name is not taken shows the customer line with nothing there.

I thought about simply creating two sub tags, one for name and other for address, however doing this means that the system wrongly detects that a name has not been saved and prompts the user before they are allowed to settle the ticket.

Is this an issue or am I missing something ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try this to see if it works:

[<C00>Customer: [{TICKET TAG:Customer}]]
                ^                     ^

Thanks @QMcKay! Works perfectly now!

Hi. Just open up restaurant. Ticket not printing address. I tried looking mapping. Automation. It seem OK. Printer template looks OK.


Template shows no mention of entity or address.
How are you storing address?

Also you set a price header with no price on orders line…

Sorry this is bottom half template.

Thats the entity section format but you havnt placed the {ENTITIES} placeholder that defines where it goes, its just like a mail merge.

I match template with old back up. It was same. It prints order. With out collection or delivery.

Is template issue or entity tag?


The square bracket entity:customer section is the template for customer entities, but you don’t have {ENTITIES} tag in main layout so isn’t inserted anywhere.

does it need be change here?

No, as I said thats the layout for customer entities. But it isn’t being inserted in layout as you need to place the {ENTITIES} to specify where it goes in main template.
Just look at the default template…

Do have example. In posting. Samba club.

change here. Try This. This should work. Thanks

No cause it needs to be in the kayout section…
I’d put it in place of the J00 you have under the delivery tag

. Still got problem. Address not showing. …?? Confused

Take out the J00, isn’t used on placeholders

Hi. I removed J00 and just added {Entities} did not work.? Is there another angle to this than template?