[SOLVED] Move button sometimes does not work

@QMcKay @Jesse @emre
Sometimes when I enter an item and enters the Move button,Sometimes the button is pressed but not responding.
I did not find any problem on the settings and usually it works.
What could be the reason?

Since we know the default button works just fine it must be specific to yours. We would need more information. Specifically when it happens can you reproduce it? If not can you remember a trend with what you were doing.

This button actually usually works fine,This happened to me on 2 different systems and DataBase completely different.
I could not find the trigger that makes it happen.
Here’s a video that demonstrates the problem in real time
move.zip (3.6 MB)
Thank you very much for your help

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I noticed the Ticket is Locked…I wonder if that is affecting it. Can you Unlock ticket and then try?

I tried it but it did not help

You unlocked ticket and it still did not move order to new ticket?

yes I tried it but it did not help

Strange. The button works fine with default setup. Check your flow and see if you can spot it. If not you can pm me a db copy ill look at it.

I can pm you the Db butThe funny thing it usually works fine
But every day I run into at least one case the button does not respond

Must be something specific happening. Sure I will take a look at it for you.

Dear @kendash
Thank you for your help,I found the reason for this behavior.
The move bouton won’t respond when the ticket is on bill requested stat.
So now I know that I can’t move items after print bill :wink:

By default, when you print the Bill, the Entity State changes to Bill Requested and the Ticket State changes to Locked.

Click Unlock Ticket button, then try to Move.

If this works, you could theoretically add the Unlock Ticket Action to the Rule for the Move Button.

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Thanks @QMcKay
This is what I did and it’s working great.

LoL boink head I told you to do this early up in conversation.

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Lol I really tried that before.
Maybe I was just too tired.