[SOLVED] Print under custom conditions

i create the StayGo button from this tutorial

how can i print WiFi pasword only on Stay Tickets.

I tried following this tutorial

and this

but i can figure out what’s wrong can anyone please help me ?

I thing the problem is in the rules

Your correct in the problem being in that rule so that’s one thing :slight_smile:
You have a ticket tag well a incorrect expression for ticket tag as an automation command executed constraint!
That will be your issue, ticket tag expression is not an automation command.
How are you aiming on triggering the print bill?
A button press or on payment processed?

On Payment Proccess …

Do you have another bill print on payment processed event rule elsewhere?
If it were me I’d have one payment processed rule with the two print bill actions but do the constraints within the action dropdown.
Both actions on one rule.
One action with {TICKET TAG:X} == YY on one and != on the other.
Does not equal as a back to be sure a bill is printed either way encase a rag isn’t set.

yes one more with out the WiFi Password

Total 2

Show that rule please

i’m confused a little bit can you explain it to me ?

I can only explain in words as not at PC.

I presume at the minute you get the non wifi template every time right?

So that second print bill rule, add the print bill action with wifi code (which is set to a print job which is set to a second template right?)

In the add actions popup drag the ‘with wifi’ action to be below the existing print bill rule.

You will then want to constrain the individual actions rather than the whole rule (this is just my preferred method, the alternative is to have two identical [exc print job action] but add second constraint on each but I prefer one rule as your only really wanting to constrain the one action, the others are the same for both)

If you confirm your in or Togo tag name I’ll tell you the exact constraints to put.
If you do the above but without constraints for now you should as it stands get two prints, one without and one with the wifi code.