[SOLVED] There is a way for don't print only this time an order? Like a button "Don't print"?

Beacause sometimes I SPEAK by voice with my waiters and my kitchen telling them whta they have to do, but I in the same time need to save orders WITHOUT print in the kitchen. Is it clear now?

Not really. So you are saying you do not want it to print in the kitchen because sometimes you tell them by voice what to make? and you do not want them to make it again?

You should really give us an idea of what kind of operation you are running. We need to know what you are trying to do and why so we can give you some guidance on how to set it up.

Start with your business. What type of business is it. What do you sell, how do you use the POS.



I give you an idea from this morning, from yestarday! If you read the first post and then you’ll understand.

It is crucial that I know your process before I can help you with a solution. You never gave a clear description of how you are using the POS in your business. You gave a few small details but we need to know how you are using the POS for your business.

Like default configuration of Samba i ONLY need a button that disable JUST FOR THAT TIME the auto print of the orders to the kitchen when I press “Close”.


Please tell me yes…

(I have headache…)

It is not that simple. This is not software that you can just insert a button to do what you want it to do. We cannot help you unless you describe to us how you are using the POS.

Are you a restaurant? Do you use Tables?

Yes. I use tables. Yes I’m restaurant.

So when you take an order… you are saying sometimes you tell the employees what to cook with your voice and you do not want it to print a ticket because they will cook the order twice?

YES FINALLY! Yes, yes, yes.


You really should choose one or the other. You should not try to mix the two. You are going to cause more confusion than is necessary.

You should decide if you want your staff using tickets to cook orders or if you want them to listen for commands from you. That is just advice from me. You can run it however you want.

However to do what you are wanting to do might be impossible because it will mess up Table Reservations. Instead you should make a button that you press to print ticket so it will not print one if you do not press the button.

PS: You really should decide if you want to use Tickets or not. It is a very bad practice to try and use voice commands and tickets at same time. Your going to cause a lot of errors.

@kendash, are you really a philosopher! Tell me you do this, the philosopher, in life as well as having a hobby for open source!

However, I solved the problem by myself. Now my head explodes and I’m about to cry, but I did it. Contrary to what you, @emre and others expect (or NOT expect) from me!

Following screens to enable the beautiful button “DO NOT PRINT”!

Until next time!

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If you got it working then that’s GREAT! And no I am not a philosopher. This program works with a process we have to understand the process to help with your requests.

Your wanting something done and YOU know what you want and how you will use it… We do not. We only know what you tell us. For us to help you we have to know that information too.

As you can see you cannot just put a STOP print button and it work like magic. There is a process to it.

BTW you mentioned Open source… SambaPOS4 is not open source.

Yes, sorry. No OPEN SOURCE! :smiley:

Did you test your button? Its working?

Yes. Beautifully! Magically well.


can you post all action rules and automation ?

I think I can use this type of button from afternoon to close or when customer call again and do some addon to their order to save some paper roll :wink:

Everything is in the images.

where this button will show up ?

mapping ?

@ginoli He is wanting your automation command button as well. @allmixedup
It looks like he followed my setup I posted but modified it for his kitchen printer

Mapping everywhere * (stars).

Automation command just simply button.