[SOLVED] Ticket title flickering

Trying to enable Ticket Title for adding informations, the Title is not appear on top of ticket screen but just a small flickering.
First thing on my mind was “i messed up again” !!!
Searching the forum i found Rick’s tutorial 13, i have the same problem .

Any idea will be apriciate.

Thank you

Care to elaborate, any chance of a screen shot?

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Hi @JTRTech, give a min …

I think he is referring to application subtitle action. Be sure and use formatting tags.

I didnt have a flickering problem and its not mentioned in my tutorial so im not sure what your referring ti

I recreate Rick’s Tutorial because it sure that is working … :smile:

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Like I said use formatting tags. L00 C00 etc

@Jesse where to use them ??

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Its not working because you have the clear action in the same rule where your trying to add the ticket title so it clears straight away

The clear action should be in a separate rule on ticket closed so it resets after the ticket is closed ready for the next transaction


Same place as a template they come at beginning. Also what Rick spotted should be fixed as well.

Think about it you told it to update title then you told it to immediately clear it.

So in your title field in the add header action should be < L00 >< font calibri > etc etc

Sorry my mistake, the solution is what RickH suggest, i just remove the Clear Ticket from the rule and everything is OK …
I confused Titcket Close and Ticket refresh

Sorρy guys False Alarm … :slight_smile: