[SOLVED] Website malware?

Just got this…


I did some searching on this, and I believe sambapos.com or it’s name servers or registrar has probably been blacklisted.

When I visit https://sambapos.com, I get the same detection of URL:Mal



@mehmet, you might want to look at that last link.

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QMcKay, thank you very much for the information.
Our servers are attacked 100K per day.

We are constantly trying to keep our servers updated to protect it.
We have changed our IP addresses to protect from some attacks, there may be a problem with it.

I will take care of it again. thank you.

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Still happening today… and it’s really annoying! I get alerted with every navigation and can’t set it to “ignore” :angry:


@mehmet you should look at https://www.cloudflare.com/ for protecting your site. They have a free plan which may be all you need. I’ve used them before on some ecommerce sites.


having the same virus alert all day…

Today it looks like the issue is resolved :smiley: likely due to the change in IP address.


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