[SOLVED] WiKi is GONE! Bring it back please


@Tayfun, that ^ WiKi is gone! This is Very Bad! It was a very valuable resource!

I cannot seem to find the same information on Custom Reporting. I looked through the Docs section on sambapos.com, but even the Reporting section is rather bare, and very specific to certain Reports.

You need to bring the WiKi back online, or provide a link to the location where the information was transferred.


Wiki is running but URL link system is changed. Sorry. I wil fix it.
temporary link url is https://sambapos.com/wiki/doku.php?id=custom_reporting_tags

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@QMcKay We will move these documents to kb.sambapos.com

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Can you confirm there is no plans that will effect the forum?

No, forum will stay as is. But document links may change.

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