Some changes for entity edit screen and custom fields

A few suggestions for entity custom fields:

  • When I select a customer for example, and click ‘edit’, it will bring me to the edit entity screen. Now the only way to go back is to select ‘save’ (but I may not want to do that if i made changes that i don’t want) or ‘select customer’ (which I also may not want to do). So I suggest having a ‘cancel’ button here.

  • the ‘hidden’ field for entity custom fields only hides the fields in the customer list, but when I click ‘edit’, I can see them (and edit them as well).
    It would be nice to have a parameter ‘lockedForUsers’ or ‘hiddenForUsers’ which hides the custom field totally in the edit entity screen (but still makes it possible to change the custom field with rules/actions).
    Or maybe another way to make this more flexible to configure so that you can have custom fields which cannot be accessed/edited by users.

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