Some issues need to solved

1.How to create hold button for take away and dine in?i want easy swap in between two departments.

2.If i change table in order menu its closing the ticket automatically and prints bill twice.i need to solve it.

3.this change table can hold the order menu and i want retrieve after some time?is it possible?

4.if i enter exact cash in settle option ticket is closing automatically after i press cash button and prints bill (ex: ordered item 4 BD and they paid 4 BD also)

Do you have an Execute Print Job action in a Ticket Closing or Ticket Closed event? Also what is in your Ticket Entity Changed event?

I personally do not use Departments for this I just use simple Ticket Tags for Take Away and Dine In. If you tag an order then you can close it.

Dear @kendash ,i don’t have Execute Print Job action in a Ticket Closing.
and where i can check this ticket entity changed event.

  1. you said i will delete the i can make hold button for order and i want swap tables or take away.please give details in picture.

What do you mean by this?