Some new [4.1.79] features

###Prefixing all automation items while exporting with db tools.

Entering a prefix here will add prefix to names of automation commands, rules, actions.


###Ask Question action buttons supports description.

You can add descriptions for ask question action buttons. When descriptions used button layout orientation switches to vertical.

You can append description to button labels with # sign. So the generic syntax is.

<label>#<description>=<command parameter>,...

On this sample I’ve used this syntax for displaying customer addresses.

"Home Address#{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Home Address}=Home Address","Work Address#{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Work Address}=Work Address","Other Address#{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Other Address}=Other Address"

:warning: Important: As we separate buttons with comma (,) char I’ve quoted each button as some addresses may also contain , character.


WoW very nice @emre was not expecting that.

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Broadcast message action supports entity screen refresh command.

This feature is needed for a tutorial I’ll release on next update.

In summary we’ll use Delay feature of automation commands to automatically change entity states after certain seconds.

For example we may want to automatically change table color to red if a new order not entered for an occupied table for 45 minutes. As that command will run in the background we’ll need to use broadcast message action to update all terminal screens.

Another important feature with delayed commands is message server synchronization. Delayed commands always runs locally. I mean if Terminal A starts a delayed command that command will execute on Terminal A. However if Terminal B starts same delayed command with same command value Terminal A should know that and defer command execution to Terminal B.

Let me give an example. We’ve created a ticket for Table A1 from Terminal A. If no new orders added in 45 minutes table color will turn red to inform waiter. However if new order added for Table A1 from Terminal B, Terminal A should know that and abort delayed command execution. Message server does that synchronization so running message server is essential to be able to operate delayed commands feature correctly.