Some printer templates ignoring submitted orders?

I have three templates that feed to one thermal printer, one for the customer, one for the kitchen and one for the bar. Since the restaurant is fast-food style, I’ve changed the process so that all three print after payment is processed.

On occasion the cashier needs to close the ticket temporarily and then return to it. The result is some orders are submitted and then some new ones are added.

When this happens the customer receipt (that prints all order items) prints both the submitted and new orders. However the kitchen and bar templates (which filter orders based on category) only print the new orders and ignore the submitted orders.

Any ideas what could be the cause?

This is not a case of cause its a case of design.
The printing of kitchen tickets happens on/before ticket close rule.
The print kitctchen order action is set to only print NEW orders, otherwise if you added items it would print whole ticket again and kitchen would be confused as to if its new or extra etc.

Check HOLD Button for Table Order
@Jesse has a nice hold feature.
What happens on close is new orders are printed then changed to submitted what his method does is prevent this by temporarily changing the status to HOLD which prevents them being picked up by the kitchen print action and change to submitted.
When the hold is removed they return to new and are treated the sam as the other new orders.

I changed the setup of my install to remove all rules involving Print Actions (including Ticket Close rule) and then created a new Payment Processed rule that triggers actions for printing the Customer, Kitchen and Bar receipts. There is never any confusion in our kitchen or bar about what whether orders are existing, new or extra, as standard procedure for us says no dishes are prepared unless they’ve already been paid for.

Actually it turned out the problem was an extremely silly one - the Actions for printing Kitchen and Bar receipts had somehow been pre-filled with parameters for Status / New, hence the lack of printing for previously submitted orders. Having removed the Status parameter, it prints both Submitted and New orders.