Some questions sambapos4

There is a full product list under manage/product list but when I login to POS I only see 7 green Toasted items listed. How to get the product list to show ?
When choosing a table is there no way of choosing the number of persons ?
What is intended for Select Customer ? Is this for Pre Bookings ? If already haven chose a table why woul d you need to Select Customer
Is it possible to combine one or more tables ?
How/Can you split a bill between cash and card ?

Good questions. I’ll prepare detailed tutorials for some of your questions. I’ll let you know as they are ready. For now I’m giving short answers.

  1. Menu items broken into categories. Click orange category buttons for other products.

  2. This can be done by configuring ticket tags. I’ll give more details about that.

  3. Select Customer is useful if you are tracking tickets by customer name instead of table name. That will be useful to track delivery tickets. You can remove it by editing Management > Tickets > Ticket Types > Ticket. You can remove unneeded entity type connections.

  4. Just Click on table, click change table and choose target table. That will move ticket to target table and when you click on this table you’ll see two separate tickets listed. You can keep them separated or merge them by clicking on their numbers and clicking merge.

  5. You can do it on the left side of the payment screen. Click on some items and click cash, click on others (or all button for remaining amount) and click card.

A tutorial for tracking person count.

Emre, we really like the Person Count feature and the way you can split the tendered types between credit cards and cash. Many times we have seen where people want their tickets split per person at a table. Is there a way to split a ticket at a table per person at the time of payment – or, for example, if there are 4 people at a table can we automatically include the price per person split 4 ways on the total ticket amount?

Also, with regard to the split of a payment between cash and credit is there a way of applying a specific amount to credit and to cash as opposed to selecting items for one payment type and the remaining to another? Thank you.

So you need to print TicketTotal / Guest Count? If so you can write an expression for your printer template. Something like:

[=F(TN('{TICKET TOTAL}') / TN('{TICKET TAG:Person Count}'))]

This is how Payment Screen already works. Product selection needed if customer asking payment total by telling what he ate.

Thanks, Emre. This makes sense. What if it is a matter of four people at a table but in actuality it is two couples? Is there a way in which to show on the ticket the price for each “couple”?

How would you want it to work? There are multiple ways to do that.

Maybe a way to enter the number of persons splitting a ticket? For example 4 people but two couples so there would be a split of 2; or, four people are at a table but the 4th is a guest of the other 3, so the ticket would be split 3 ways. Does that make sense?

Thank you very much for the suggestion. Yes that make sense. Where should we use this feature? Inside ticket? Payment Screen? Will we print that on the bill?

I’m thinking a case:

  1. Cashier opens ticket
  2. Types person count from number pad
  3. Clicks split button.
  4. SambaPOS prints bill with an amount Total / person Count.

Is it what you need?

I think it should be printed on the bill. I checked with a couple of local restaurants in this market on how they do it and they said it is done on the bill (check) before payment is made. Does that make sense to you?

Yes we’ll print on bill.

What I’m trying to understand is how would you like operator use this feature because there are more than one solution.

Let me give an example. (Test it with 4.1.15 release)

I’ve added this line to bill template.

[<J10>Payment By Guest:|[=F(TN('{TICKET TOTAL}') / TN('{SETTING:NUMBERPAD}'))]]

It reads numberpad value and prints ticket total divided by that value. So if there are two couples you can enter 2 and Print Bill button.

This is what it prints

… and if you don’t enter a value it prints nothing.

This is just one of the possible solutions. Unlike other POS systems SambaPOS designed to fit business workflows. For this reason I’m asking the use case. One restaurant might like this solution but other restaurant might need something different.

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@Armetrix what do you think about this solution?

There you go! Nice & simple! We like this solution.

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