Some Tickets Is Missing In Reports Due To Incorrect Time

I think due to incorrect computer time some tickets is out from my Work Period. For that reason reports are not showing these tickets but we can see these tickets in Tickets Screen.

Showing some pictures for clarification.

My Reports Code is given below.

[Take Away Ticket Summery:3,4,3, 4]
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,T.Date,T.Time,T.TotalAmount:(DE=Take Away)}

I request the experts to tell me a solution that I can include these tickets in my report.


Report filters by date creation of ticket, if your report starts at 11:35 AM as your report headers shows, the tickets created before that hour are not going to be showed, write in the start date 9/1/2020 4:10 to include that tickets in the report, maybe the hour can modified in the db but im not sure.

you are i can take data by selecting 8/31/2020 but it also receives data from the previous day so this is not useful solution but if we can modified in db with right way i think it will be useful.

Its not just ticket date that would be out, order date and payment etc will be too.

you are right is there any way to adjust it?

Obviously you could edit in db however not 100% on how many tables would include the date/time to know have properly updated everything.
Ticket order and payment are main 3 I can think of. Most reporting is based on these 3, might get away with accounts/transactions for 3 tickets as a one off.
Personally i would probably just amend in my accounting software/spreadsheet and leave the till be.

what version is running, I’m sure a time/date check feature was added at some point where client machines check datestamp against message server.

I’d check and set all terminals are using same ntp time server so they will keep synced to one clock going forward.

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