Something I am working on pertaining to Operator Accountability

Notice in the screenshot of my To Go screen where it lists Unpaid and Paid tickets that are waiting to be picked up by customer I have Operator # 1 or Operator # 2.

This is a number that is specific to the Entity that created the Ticket. Depending on who logged in it assigns their operator # to the ticket and it is an Entity Custom Data field. So we can run some nice reports on this.

I did this for future KPI stuff I am working on.

I will post more here as I progress with this setup including reports and eventually when V5 releases you will see some cool KPI stuff.

BTW because someone might ask:
TE# is the terminal number
TR# is the ticket id TR is short for Transaction I am using Ticket Id as a Transaction Number
Ticket # is self explanatory

I am logging all of this into each ticket so I can pull some more advanced KPI metrics later.

Finally I will explain the Quick Service To Go screen you see.
This is not a Kitchen Screen

Left column is Unpaid To Go tickets when you select one and press the Settle Ticket button below it brings up Payment Screen for that ticket and then clears it off upon Payment.

Right Column is Paid ToGo Tickets. I use this because some of my customers come inside and order To GO and pay for it then leave and come back later to pick up.