Sort By Ticket Tag

I made a ticket lister using the widget. Also I have set my own Order No using the Ticket Tags. How can I sort these tickets by Ticket Tag?

Another question is how can I filter to show only ticket total greater than 0?

Thank you

I don’t think you can sort by tag. But you need to use document status for sums greater than 0

You must write your ticket tag name to order by area.

Actually I did and I think it is sorting but not properly. It is sorting as below:

Any idea how to fix that?

Thank you

you must tag tickets like 001,002,003,…

Or try to convert ticcket tag to numeric. with TN code.

How exactly I can tag as numeric? My code is {:ORDERNUMBER} for tagging. Thanks a lot in advance

That is typical numerical sorting by computers, think if it was letters rather than numbers. Would forder by 1st char first then seccond.

Try setting tag using something like;

Thank you. Works like a charm!

Unfortunately this still give me trouble when sorting.I will end this here since I have this same topic somewhere else. Thank you.