Sort Order By GStatus

Sort order according GStatus a ticket

how could do !!!

using Update Order Group???

Could you just give some example how it would be like? GStatus is normally Gift items.

Sort orders after pressing close

Status of order = Submitted

No, I don’t think it possible in Ticket Screen.

You can with Update Order Group action.

Is it working with different order no? I think last time I try update seat. It won’t group different order no. together.

Oh maybe it has select all orders to update at the same time. My rule was just the item add to ticket that why.

Thanks for the quick answers

GStatus do I call?

thanks thanks

Quick Tutorial on how to make this feature work with very little effort…


If you leave GroupTag blank, no header bar is shown.


If you do not leave GroupTag blank, the header bar is shown, using the Format.


More information on this cool feature, including things you can achieve while Printing Tickets can be found the the V5 Feature Compilation thread here…


exists some way ordering all orders of a ticket
regardless of the number of order?