Sort order on entity grid widget

I am trying to use the reservations setup loaded from configuration tasks. It mostly seems to be working correctly but I can’t figure out how sort the table list under the check-in area. We have tables 0-119 and on the main POS these sort and display nicely (as in 1, 2, 3 … 119) as below

I would like to have the same display on the reservation screen but it hasn’t worked out as anticipated


The screen is created by an entity grid widget as below which seems to be only partially working insofar as I can change the number of columns but rows can only be changed to a number greater than that set automatically and if page count is set to anything other than 0 or 1, everything disappears. Perhaps more importantly however, is there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the default sort order of the entities (tables). In addition to those issues for some reason the widget has created duplicates for tables 110-119 and it is not possible to assign these to the customer, although 0-109 are OK

Whilst there does seem to be some issues with how the entity grid widget is working here, I am happy to have only tables 0-99 showing on this screen, but they need to be displayed in the same way as the main screen, i.e. in 10 rows 0-9, 10-19, 20-29 etc. Can anybody offer any suggestions on how this may be achieved

Have you considered setting the entity display to Custom or Layout and adding each table as an Entity Button? It will take longer to set up since you have so many tables, but you will be able to customize the layout if you want to separate the tables into sections for better UI.

I don’t think that is an option with the entity grid widget, as far as I am aware Custom and Layout are only available for entity screens.

Try this solution.

The solution there was “Setup sorting by clicking column headers and immediately shutdown & restart SambaPOS to save changes.” Unfortunately, in this instance however we don’t have any column headers so that’s not going to work

I see now, you were referring to the Reservation Configuration Task which I didn’t know existed until now. I played around with it and managed to figure it out.

Go to

Entities > Entity Screens > Reservation > Entity List > Select Entity

Then drag the tables in the list to your preferred order. Cheers.

Perfect! I’d looked at the entity screens earlier but completely missed the new reservation entity screen that had been added.

Exactly what I wanted, thanks very much for your help

Other option would have been to make all number 3 digets ie 001, 002, 041, 100 etc

I haven’t tried it but I’m not sure if that would have worked as it was giving other issues (duplication of entries) with numbers above 109, plus it would have looked a bit silly :slight_smile:

Looking at your grid I would guess duplication was a result of some state issue as duplicated ones have a grey colour usually indicative of an unused table after db clear task.
Yes, numbers might be odd but you could soon have overridden the displayed number using an entity field for display number and used that field in the display format like how you have name but allowing the actual real numbers to be logically portable numerically.
The 1,10,100,20,200 sort is a common thing when sorting numbers with an alphabetical methodology.