Sorting Products in Ticket Lister

I am currently trying to make a Kitchen Display with a TICKET LISTER, and am having a bit of trouble trying to sort the products.

I understand that ORDERS GROUP is a thing, but because our restaurant takes orders by seat, I am currently using the grouping as

[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:SeatNum:Seat 0, Seat 1, Seat 2, Seat 3, Seat 4, Seat 5, Seat 6, Seat 7, Seat 8]

Is there any way to sort the orders within the Orders group with a ticket lister? (Similar to the Receipt Template “Sort Orders: Name/Order tag/Order State/etc.” function)

I also understand that I would be able to use the Receipt template sort function by using a task editor, but the display I am trying to build, as far as my understanding of the task editor goes, needs to be done by using the ticket lister.

Thank you!