Sorting Tasks/Switching Task position

I’m just wondering, how are tasks sorted?
Is there any way to change the sort order of the tasks? (Not just by ascending or descending.)

For example:

Task 1 | Task 2 | Task 3 | Task 4

switch Task 3 to second location, becomes:

Task1 | Task 3 | Task 2 | Task 4

Is it sorted by the ID?(not the Identifier)

In which case, is there anyway to change the ID?

Thank you!

Just was experimenting, and the sort order is changed by the action: Update Task, and editing the End Date.


now I just need to figure out how to get the name/ID of the task automatically…

So I am getting the ID/End Date of tasks with SQL:
Which returns the below

So using a script(var number is 1)

This is what is returned.

Was there anyway to get milliseconds passed into Samba from SQL?

Thank you!

What/where are you wanting to sort tasks?

I am building a KDS with tasks, and would like to switch the order that Tasks/Orders are displayed.

we get quite a few customers come where they come in and are like “WE WANT IT IN A RUSH” so then we input the order, but then the order is displayed at the very back of the KDS, which makes the chefs lose time. I would like to remedy this by moving the order to the #1 position on the KDS.

So position 4 will be put to position 1, or 2(or where ever we want to put it)

I’m working on a bump bar system like the one that QMckay did here:

But there will be a switch button, where if you press that, and press 7, then 1, it’ll move position #7 in front of #1.

Ok. How are the tasks sorted now…from your image it looks like 15, 16, 17,18 & 19. Is this how they are sorted? Are these custom field numbers?

You might have to re-assign numbers. If a new order came in, you wouldn’t want to swap it for the first position (the first becomes last and last becomes first). I think you would want to bump everything down.

You could maybe assign a letter after the number, but that might only get you as close as the 2nd position. (I haven’t tried it, just guessing)

Ah Sorry Bob, the screen shot was just an example, the screen shot is of a Ticket Lister, not a Task Editor.

The Task Editor I found sorts by the End Date Field(Unless there is a way to specify what to sort by?)

I did a little testing, with no success. I thought this would display the date and time, but it doesn’t.

{REPORT OPEN TASK DETAILS:T.EndDate:(TST=<task name>) && T.Identifier="<identifier>":[=FD('{0}','yyyy/MM/dd hh\:mm\:ss')]}

It just reports back 09/07/2020 12:00:00 (a random task I have with a date).

Is that the date/time that is saved in the database?

That’s what I was thinking, but its not pulling it up like I thought it would. Maybe an sql report might do it.

Hmmm, playing around with sql requests, and still can’t figure out the milliseconds, I’m going to move this to another thread, because I did sort of figure out the original question.

Thanks for the help!

have you tried with using format(EndDate,'yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fff') in the sql query?


Thank you so much! I was doing the formatting after the query(as a string) in the script.