Special Discount for student and Lectures with Verification

Hi, my intelligent friends i need a help setting up a special discount for my student and Lectures customers at a fixed percentage of 20% and need verification before the discount can be applied by the cashier. The verification will be based upon Student ID or Lecturer ID. Thank you and counting on your generous support.

I would say give them a RFID or MSR fob/swipe card which will be there ID.
Using a student ID etc can be easily shared etc and staff can soon learn one id and use for others depending on who you want to verify against misusing staff or customers.

Either way you would want entity type like customer for this and so on similar to vip setup or @GreatShakesBar recent tutorial.


I tried to follow that tutorial to implement my design but i got loss at step.

A little Design demonstration will really be of a great help. Thanks

Show where your stuck? No one will rewrite a whole tutorial for you just like that.
Show your setup and where your having trouble and you’ll get guidance.

Reading VIP Discount Setup tutorial in V3 but it seems there is little changes compare to the current
V5 i am using. I want to create this same rule in V5.