Special Requirements for Austria


I used V3 in 2015/2016 and it was the best POS ever! I had to stop using it because of new laws in Austria. Now you need a tamper resistant device and a qr code on every bill. So we bought a system for a lot of money and it doesn’t work. Theres no POS in Austria like sambapos.
Are you interested in developing your POS to meet Austrian requirements? I’m not sure but I think its not too much work. And I can imagine that the Austrian system will come in every country in EU.

If you are interested I would contact the Austrian government and ask them, what is needed. And then I would translate it for you…
…and because there are only shitty pos solutions in Austria I’m thinking of getting a partner for Austria…

Please tell me if you are interested.


PS: Sampapos for Linux would be nice. Imo its safer, cheaper and easier to maintain

QR codes are already available on printer templates.

I’m not sure what “tamper resistant device” means. Could you elaborate, please?

Whilst .Net is multi-platform, MS does not have any plans for Linux GUI. There is AvaloniaUI but it lacks a lot of the controls needed for SambaPOS’ functionality. I’m sure somewhere in the code there are things that are Windows-only, too.

Please give me some time, I have to contact our government to get the information for you

So… basically this is important. You need a tamper resistant software. This works with a signature creation unit. Every cash turnover, monthly, yearly, final and cancellation receipt has to be signed with this unit.
So you have to make a virtual interface for the signature creation unit, because it needs:
The Identification number of the POS
Sequential Number of the cash turnover
Date/Time of the receipt
Amount of the payment, divided into the tax rates
The encrypted amount of the sales counter
Serial number of the signature creation unit
Signature or seal value of the previous cash turnover of the data acquisition protocol

There needs to be a QR Code on every invoice, which contains the same things.
You’re allowed to print out the invoice or send it with email.

You can find further informations here, most of the POS use A Trust for the signature creation unit: Cash register (english)

I translated only a part of the requirements for austrian POS - unfortunately it is in german (Maybe you can use google translator):

Do you think theres a way to integrate this into SambaPOS?


Most of EU countries need to sync every transaction with tax servers and present “check code” received from tax server.

Tamper resistant software probably means that there is no easy access to raw database data that can be changed or modified. Most likely for tax evasion purposes.

afaik they want you to send them the daily receipt in XML automatically… but thats not mandatory…

Yes. You would have to do a bit more research and ask your Ministry of Finance to start the integration & certificate process.

This is how it generally works in Croatia when I was attempting it back in 2018. This is my unofficial translation of the process but I am guessing from what I read from your link its not that much different.

So there are some commonalities… but you dont need an internet connection. Theres no centralized Tax server… Instead of the “electronic signing request” you have a signature creation unit, its a USB Thumb drive…

Seems that the croatian government is even crazier than the austrian one…

No doubt! Someone has to repay all those loans :sweat_smile:

Quick look at the trust link and seems similar principle but via local com interface rather than online api.
That trust site also lists online versions which guess you would need for online purchases anyway.
Do you have a device yet?

Theres no tax server, instead of this there are private companies who offer encrypted modules. F.e. you can use a USB Thumb Drive or a smart card reader, which reads an “RK chip” which is responsible for the encryption…

The online version is only for very small businesses, so only 20 transactions a day. What do you mean by “device”? Like Hardware? Or are you talking about the encryption unit?
Yes, I have both. But I want to get rid of both, BC the POS is now 7 years old (end of life) and I dont know anything about this encryption unit…

I’ve never dealt with similar however have done intergrations such as my PMS setup for hotel, although that was web based.
The principles are the same though, rather than talking to server via api you talk to the local device via com port by the sounds of it.
I guess re samba on paymentprocessed you request code from device and tag ticket etc.

Not quite, they seem to offer different packages at 10k, 50k and unlimited transactions per year.

So… Is it possible?
I’m sorry but I don’t know how this works… Do I have to care for someone to implement it? Is this something a Sambapos partner has to do on its own (because I can’t…)?
Or does it cost money to implement it? And if so, do I have an exclusive right to sell sambapos in Austria?


This is something we would have to do. We have many projects. We want to support all countries but it takes some time for us to do that. Sharing the information about it is great. We will look into this. Please understand it may not be quickly.

Thanks for the reply…
So I have to buy another one in the meantime…

I am not sure what you mean by that but, we would not have a solution ready fast. If you need it now then you should consider that cost.

No, honestly, thank you. I just wanted to know if you’re interested and if you can tell me how long it needs. So now I know that I have to buy one… Unfortunately…
But I’m looking forward to hear from you. It would be nice if you have a solution which meets the Austrian requirements.
Most of the Austrian systems are shitty. Can you imagine, that my aunt paid 4000 euros for a POS and ITS NOT WORKING ANYMORE AND THEY DIDNT ANSWER HER CALLS? But the best part is, she got a letter some months ago which said “we don’t support this software (vectron) anymore”.
I know SampaPOS and it was great. So IDC how long it takes, it would be awesome…

Thx in advance!

Yes we will support all countries eventually. I wish something like this was quick and easy but its not. We will inform you when something changes or when we start to support this. The more information you can send us about it the better we can understand it too.