Speed up ticket lister

Over the last couple of weeks my ticket lister has progressively gotten slower

The ticket lister has a state filter applied but its taking over 5 seconds to populate, It used to be almost instant and I’m worried that in 1 years time it will be worse.

This ticket lister lists Tickets that still have items to be collected, so it contains tickets outside of the current workperiod. Is there anything that can be done to improve the loading speed?

Can you show what template you are using in your ticket lister?

Try the Rebuild Indexes Maintenance Task. You can also try the Auto Size Task.

I think both Tasks do a DB Backup first, but to be sure, maybe run a Backup manually first anyway.

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Thats the first thing I tried but it made no significant difference.

If you have to loop through every paid ticket to find items you looking for, it is going to be slow.
You probably need to have another state to limit number of ticket to process.

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A positive search might help depending on how the query/lister processes the list.
Additionally you could maybe look to work in a from date if posible and make a Maintinance script which checks and updates a program setting with the oldest waiting ticket dater hat you could either run every so often or maybe setup a trigger or run on program start.

The ticket has a state applied to show it has items to be collected. Then it looks for the order state.

Where can I set this date?

My understanding of a filter would be that it happens after the list has been generated.

Each ticket that has items to be collected has its ticket type changed to “Collection”
Once all items are gone it switches back to ‘Ticket’

I have tried filtering by ticket type but it does not work.

'{TICKET TYPE}' >'Layaway'

Also tried filtering by creation days > 10 to test speed, but it does not seem to work either.
'[=F(TN('{CREATION MINUTES}')*0.000694444,'#')]' >'10'

Reading around the forum it seems that this format should be working but I keep getting the same error no matter what values I use.

EDIT: I see I can use TicketTypeId is 3 but should the other syntax be working?

Is there a list of Values that are available to use here or is it only by Id Eg, DepartmentId, TicketTypeId