Split Bill to multiple customers and print receipt for all customers who shared the ticket

I have a situation where total ticket value is equally divided into the number of customers.

The solution that I made is quite a long way need to go back to the ticket and select next customer and remember the number of people that I have to split to and then settle into customers accounts and go back to ticket and change customer.

Can you please suggest a way to make it pop up where we can select all customers that want to share the bill.
And split equally and settle into their account.

I doubt there is a simple way to split the payment accross multiple customer accounts.
Splitting the ticket into 3 is likely the most straight forward way.

Can there be some way to do same like reservations & delivery screens?
I need in the following way when the split button is clicked.
exact bill in the left.

On the right to have customer selection option from.

On Center to list the selected customers with the option to cancel before settling the bill

Very Urgent!!

No that’s not possible.

Maybe look at the group/split by seat topic from a few months back…
Is not like your visulisation but may be close to the overall outcome. You could print or sumarise by seet and automate split bill from it also.

So what exactly is your question anyway?
Evenly split the bill over 3 customer account payments?

PS all this type of comment does is annoy people and likely make them avoid answering as it shows you are going to be a hastler…

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Sorry JTRTech Noted this point

Hi @JTRTech Because im using Samba Pos for members only sports clubs cafe. We settle to customers account and bill them monthly. Normally few people split bills equally But once a month there are 3 teams eat together and we need to split equally to 36 members which is time consuming and prone to error. It would be better if we could swipe cards as each member has membership card which on swipe opens their account. So we want to swipe all cards Recheck all members, remove out if mistake and click settle to split equally to all members, few cents updown no problem. Looking forward for experts help. Thanks a lot

Hmmm, that’s asking allot.
You may be able to automate a payment to a specific account not of an entity associated to the ticket using the payment action but would need to test the principle.
There is definitely no easy way to achive anything close to that senario.
If the above was possible it might do doable on a swipe of a member card but shipping them all, checking and removing would be very tricky…

Hi @ JTRTech I was thinking of having option to add customer to a ticket as there is select customer on tickets now. So we could add all customers to ticket on the time of preparing food. So we dont need to keep them waiting for their bill to be splitted at the time of check out. So at the time of check out we click settle ticket then when clicking settle to customers account it would split equally and settle to each customers and print receipt copy of settled ticked to each members (36 copies).

It would be faster to just create seperate tickets for each person at time of order taking.

Hi @Jesse its because they (members) share ticket total bill equally. Its traditional.

You cannot select multiple entities of the same type on a single ticket.

So you would print 36 coppies of a ticket for a table of 36… Seems a bit wastefull. Just the payments part at the end which will list 36 payments will be pretty long.
I wouldn’t want a copy of that, it would be at least a foot long by the time it gets to the 36th payment

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