Split Ticket Account Transaction Issue

Split Ticket feature has an issue of not regenerating correct Account Transaction Documents, Account Transactions and Account Transaction Values.

Issue recreated on a basic sample database without any customization.

GIF & mp4 in zip file
SambaPOS Split Ticket Issue

Split Ticket Issue.zip (994.4 KB)

Split Ticket feature after finishing creating new tickets does not regenerate following account documents.

Creating massive problems in reporting of those documents.

Can you please send an email with this details to help@sambapos.com
This will create a support ticket so you can easily check the status.


Yes @Posflow please send any issues like this to help@sambapos.com so we have a trackable support ticket. help@sambapos.com is our new ticketing system and it will help us track and resolve issues faster and more importantly wont miss anything.

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