Split Ticket- Auto Logout

I am just not testing the Split Tickets in 5.3.6 and its interesting but I need a little help figuring this out.

We have all terminals set to Auto Logout, to prevent staff from opening a table that doesnt belong to them.

At the split tickets screen, if we choose to print, it prints, and logs out, then they have to log back in and press POS and go to the TABLE and click split tickets again to print the OTHER TICKET, and same for settle.

Is there a way, a constraint or something, that can tell Samba to ignore Auto Logout on the split ticket screen?

I just want them to be able to print each ticket for however many split tickets there is, and settle each, with out it logging out each time for that.

I have no idea what to edit.

Remove the close ticket action from print bill. Or create a different rule and command for split ticket.