Split Ticket now adding extra items to tickets

I created a ticket with 3 drinks- a pepsi, diet pepsi and dr pepper. I used the split ticket screen to move them all to separate tickets. If I use the print button icon to print a bill for the pepsi, it will print it out and then close. I want to print the other 2 bills, so i have to click on the table again and open the tickets with the ticket lister. It shows a pepsi and dr pepper on the first ticket, one with diet pepsi, and one with dr. pepper. So somehow I ended up with an extra Dr. Pepper.

The ticket status still says unpaid, but the table status changes to bill requested. I’m not sure if I’ve done something to mess it up or if it was like that before.

You probabaly are using the print bill rule. That has lock ticket and close ticket action in it. Look at program settings and split ticket. Set a different print flow. One that doesn’t lock and close ticket.

I don’t have an answer for the extra Dr Pepper it could be automation causing it