Spotify - Launch and Bring to Front?

Am trying to use this method to bring spotify in front of samba but doesn’t seem to work,
Is there something I need to add to make the program come in front?

No, there should be nothing special to do to bring it to front. By default it should do this. But it might have something to do with the Spotify App itself.

You might need to send a command line parameter or switch as part of the Start Process Action.

BTW With v5 we will have VERY powerful scripting available and we have already figured out one way to control music from within SambaPOS I am sure we will eventually figure out away to control spotify even and could even display current song information all from within SambaPOS. That is theoretical none of us have attempted that yet. But basically with V5 it may be possible. I mean specifically with Spotify. I think @QMcKay has figured out a way to control his music already.

Actually I know it is possible I just found the API. We may have to play with it and work out some features with @emre but more than likely by the time v5 releases you will be able to do this.


@Jesse, you’re such a tease all the time.

I haven’t figured out a way to control it.
I can launch it (WinAmp).
I can display Now Playing on a Tile.

But with other Apps, control is certainly possible if they expose enough of the API.

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Someone please enlighten me with a short, concise description, because if I have to research it, I won’t bother. WinAmp works for me.

What is Spotify?
Is it a streaming App?
What makes it better?
I only ever use WinAmp, and all my music is local, and I own the hard copy, so…
How would/could Spotify benefit me? That is, Why would I want to use Spotify?

Spotify is a web based streaming service. Its grown in popularity last few years and is pretty huge.

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Unfortunate. Thanks for the answer @Jesse.

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Yeah if you do not have reliable internet it is not a good deal. I do however and I may actually look into the API. If I do I will start a thread in the beta forum.

BTW you could use a Custom Entity Screen and HTML Widget to control spotify from within SambaPOS v4. No need to open an outside app. May not be as seemless as what I described with v5 but it would be better than having an app pop up if you ask me

I think what he is referring too is the consumer web based Spotify you have to have the web browser up front or non minimized for it to play. If its minimized or brought to back it stops playing.

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We pay £9.99 a month for spotify premium,
Removed the adverts from free version.
Premium also let’s you download/save so much of the music so we have several playlists which are kept lock should internet goes down.

I wasn’t a believer in spotify at first but it is awesome, use free at home, just have to put up with adverts.
You can play pretty much any music you can think of…

We use a local program to play spotify, it plays in the background fine.
It runs on a second pc behind the bar which we are converting to a second till for busy nights.
Issue is that occasionally you might want to change playlist or choose a specific track.
A keyboard is not far away so I would win-tab it to front however the les tech savey people would not know this and easier not to try explain as they would probably mess something up.
The other staff would close samba to control spotify but this is not ideal with load up times etc.

Anyway, it’s not a huge deal, just nice if there was a quick solution.

I have looked into the API and while I have not attempted it yet. It looks completely possible to integrate it into SambaPOS with v5 when it releases. I will play with it soon though first I want to finish few other projects I have going.

Can’t wait to see the V5!!! When is the expected date of release?

Not a date set currently but it did just move into a beta. So shouldn’t be too much longer. We are adding and improving features daily atm.

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