Sql 2014 server agent not running

i recently tried upgrading sql 2012 to 2014 ,after upgrade sql server agent sambapos4 stoped running .log on as says nt authority\networkservices what is correct log on as so i can start service please

You don’t necessarily need the Agent nor the Browser to be running.

“SambaPOS 4 stopped running” is too vague. What error are you getting?

i followed u guide backing up 2 files , deleting all sql and re installing i am in the middle of doing so

i am back up but still trying to do what i was originally trying before i crashed it . i used an older post u had posted how to back up 2 files from sql directorate and then uninstall sql and reinstall it thx

Show the Detail tab of the crash report.

Or paste the contents of the log file in [Documents]\SambaPOS4.log.txt

i have database up after reinstalling it solved the crash problem thx