SQL expert needed - restoring database through MDF

Hello folks!

I’ve a MDF file* that’s about 400 mb’s big. I don’t have the corresponding log file for this database. This database was backed up probably through SQL configuration management studio.

I’ve been unable to restore this database and get samba running. Can someone please help me. Willing to pay! There will be two parts to the payment.

1 - Showing that the database has been successfully restored at the developers end and making a backup via Samba (i.e a zip/.bak file)

2 - Installing this backup on my server.

  • this backup was made while some PC’s were still connected to the main server - so that might post some complications.

A correctly made SQL backup will contain more than just an mdf file. How did you back this up? Typically it is a .bak file. You first need to mount the mdf.

I just have the MDF for now. My whole server got formatted and everything that was on it was lost!