SQL Priority on Startup

One of the systems I help maintain has started not seeing the database on startup.
I think they have installed/changed something in windows and now (with Samba as a startup program) it fails to connect to database on startup.
If you close and open it again it connects fine.
I believe for some reason SQL service is not starting up as soon as it was.
Have tried a google search but find most stuff about booting SQL priority for processor.
Anyone have any recommendations where start in giving SQL service higher priority on boot?

I think you can set the order of things that boot.

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Thanks, will carry on searching, not sure of what term to actually use, as I said SQL boot priority comes back with loads about processor priority.

look up delayed start that might work better. I think you can delay the SambaPOS start.

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Thanks, that might be an easier approach.

Look here - it shows how to add a dependency to a service start …