SQL - SambaPOS slow

Anyone experienced SambaPOS being really sloooow after a SQL server being stopped due to power failure.
We have SQL 2017 express on a dedicated server. The server is running fine.

You could be experiencing network issues. Is SambaPOS slow also on the Dedicated server? Or just on client systems?

Power failures can do nasty things to your hardware that are not always immediately obvious. Mission-critical components should be plugged into a UPS with AVR. Surge suppressors are not enough to prevent damage caused by low voltage brownouts, which causes current increase, which is the real silent killer of electronics, and is what damages or fries your equipment. Spikes (overvoltage) can do this too, but you should take brownouts just as seriously.

Is your server running on HDD? If so, check for Disk corruption or signs of impending failure. Look in the Windows Event Log for Disk Errors. It is highly recommended to use SSD over mechanical HDD.

Check for high CPU and Disk activity. Repairs to the filesystem or Database might being made behind the scenes.

Try rebuilding Database indexes, under Manage > Settings > Program Settings > Maintenance.


I absolutely hate brown outs!!! I experience a lot of that in my town up in the mountains! Silent killer cause so many clients of mine debating about software issues rather than accepting that hardware HAD failed and semi failed. I used to have a client whose router will burn out twice a year even connected to a general purpose UPS.

SambaPOS itself is not designed to run over a WAN connection anyway… It will be slow and troublesome.
Also that setup goes against samba licence of per site.
You would be better looking at PMPOS or qPMS which are API based and would work much better over WAN at remote locations.
Alternativly contact samba directly about Neptune which is the planned multi branch addon but not sure it’s public release yet.

Many thanks all, it appears to have been an index issue, at least re-indexing the DB seems to have fixed it, together with another re-start.
I have also just bought a B great UPS courtesy of flea bay, all I need to do now is set it up with my Hyper-V machines and host.
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is a great source for SQL tools…

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