SQL server corrupt

Why does my pos display an error message stating that my SQL server installation is either corrupt or tampered with

Can you share a screenshot and paste your error log here?

Error log is in Documents\SambaPOS5\log.txt

Data Source=localhost\SQLEXPRESS; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SAMBAPOS4;

I have copied and pasted it

Can someone help please

I have also sent the screenshot of the log file hope I can find help

None of that says anything about corrupt database and there is no screenshot.

This is the error message displayed how can this be solved

That error is not related to SQL Server. Its trying to download something from github url. Url that cannot be resolved.

The most recent error will be at the bottom of the log.txt file

What could be the possible solution

This is the message displayed at the bottom of the log file text… what could be the problem and the solution

Can you scroll to the bottom of the file and share screenshots or attach the entire .txt file here

If you are unsure what to do, contact support@sambapos.com

Lemme send the screenshot

Hope it’s the one since sending the entire log file text cannot be sent

That’s related to the auto configuration tasks - it pulls a manifest from github.

See if you can load https://gist.githubusercontent.com in a browser.

If the issue persists, contact support as Posflow suggested.