SQL to update automation etc but not touch menus, or entities

Anyone have the base for a SQL script to do something like this?
Work on a backup from one database then complelty overwite it on live machines?
Looking to overall automation side of things and implement several improvements for the hotel group and would rather not use backup and loose sales records and have to redo menus etc.

Typically database tools files do this. You can update just about any automation with it. Have you not used database tasks before? Or configuration tasks can do even more.

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Dont very little with tasks, have used database tools export/import but it will likly be quite extencive updates and cleanup so unless I delete every action and rule and reimport I would be conserned about duplicates or similar update type issues.
Was thinking copying while automations related tables might be cleaner way.

It wont allow duplicates. Try it… it works quite well and was built exactly for what your doing. The feature was literally built to do what your asking. I use it, Q uses it, and Mark uses it.

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But if you wanted to clean up and rename some actions or rules?
If it’s a rule with same name would it complelty replace or try and merge the two?
I’ve only ever used for fresh actions and rules, and although older version states at the time didn’t export formatting. Is it 100% reliable now for all aspects?

Test it and see I bet you would be surprised.


Ok, will do, just under some pressure following the light fingered staff member mentioned in lounge.

Hmm… OK. Nobody probably tried this before but you can simply export all your rules and actions, delete all rules and actions on target machine by Select All (ctrl+a) > Delete selected items and import the file. You can include automation commands, etc to this. As far as I remember there was an issue regarding importing ticket type mappings but we can solve these if it gets used.