Staff Discount with Staff Person Name

So I have the Staff Discount button set, but how can I add the username of the current user to the report? or can we add something like it to V5?

I mean click Staff Discount > gives discount > takes active username > add to report

Or, can I make a textbox show for me to write the Staff member?


{:CURRENTUSER} tag should work. Btw you assume we know what your talking about but we really don’t. What report?

Work Period report, it shows the discounts made there, which point you don’t understand?

In v4 you can’t edit the WP report. You can purchase custom reports to build your own WP report. V5 all reports are custom so you can edit WP report.

You just assumed we knew you meant WP report. You should be more detailed with your questions it helps us provide you better answers.

Then we wait for V5 :smiley: @emre will release it for me now :'D

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Sorry I may have came across harsh. I don’t mean to sound that way I just like to remind people that not everyone sets up SambaPOS the same and when asking questions you can get better responses by providing more detailed information.

Using your question as example if you had explained how your discount is setup and shown some examples we might could have provided more detailed answer that works for your specific setup but may not work for another persons employee discount.

Version 5 is so much better it’s worth the wait. Btw me Emre and Qmckay if we notice people that we think could contribute or even if it’s interesting setup that we think v5 might solve we typically will add them to beta team for early v5 access.

Not a problem mate, and you’re right I should’ve been more accurate.
However I’ll just wait for V5, and will be more than happy to help.