Standard/Default Portion

Is it possible to have a ‘default’ portion? I have 4 sizes of coffee, Small, Medium, Large and Xtra Large. I want the default to be Large (3rd in the list) but the current default is Small (1st in the list). Is putting Large in position 1 the only way to do it?

If so can I then display the portions in size order or will I be stuck with Large, Small, Medium and Xtra Large.

Have you tried a Update Order action? Using the Portion field for the portion you want selected.

Use the Event “Order Added to Ticket” in the rules, constrain it to the item (or items) that you want to auto select for the portion.

That sounds like it would work, cheers. I’ll see if I can get it working.

What about ask question pop-up with the portions?

I had that but I like the ‘Auto select’ presentation better. What I’m asking for is purely cosmetic really considering most coffees we sell are Large. :nerd_face:

Set the portion in the menu item…
I do it on wine.
4 sizes, 125, 175, 250ml and bottle with 175ml medium as default with autoselect :wink:

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Sounds easy, I’ll give it a try, cheers