Star TSP143IIIBI Printer Logo Printing on all printouts

I loaded my logo into the header in the configuration utility for the above printer but find its printing on all printouts i.e kitchen orders template has no commands to print logos only receipts.

Is there a command to say don’t print logo I should add to my template?

Check print drivers and conf utility, used to epson and sure driver has some logo options.


Every printer I have had till date only prints logo to XCT commands however the STAR Micronics printer I mentioned is printing on everything. I was hoping to have it not print on kitchen orders template which does not have a XCT command. It seems once the logo is loaded in the config utility it prints on everything.

Star is an odd brand, I beleive many generally try and avoid where they can :rofl:
I know I do :joy:

One of few only Uber Eats compatible printers. I know Epson recently came up with one.

Star has its own language. It supports Xct in emulation mode but it’s not native. Star makes good printers but it can be annoying.

Looks like I might have to sell this one and get a Epson TM-M30II Bluetooth Printer or make do with it for now.