Start Process Action - Access Denied


I have a simple Rule:

it runs a simple Batch file:

But it returns a “Access Denied”? Users have full access rights to the Path. It runs fine using explorer or CMD prompt.
Any thoughts?

Umm cannot seem to change this:

Umm actually @emre looks like it may be the starting directory? So how do we start it in a location that has correct permissions i.e. D:/POS/ - that is from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32?

Use Arguments?

For your batch file, how about you just have the path and the output specificed explicitly, i.e.

DIR C:\SPOS\*.clb /b > C:\SPOS\check_clb.out

Or you can do a few tests to see what is actually causing access denied:

Is it the DIR - DIR *.clb ? If not, then must be output. Then just test output as explicit.

Yes thanks Mark, back onto this after dinner.

I seem to have found one of the issues which was using the “/” in the File Specifier - works find inside our scripts but blows a fuse in Windows. I was passing a {SETTING:x} command for a more dynamic configuration but will revert to hard coding for the sake of getting the job done…

Going to give you the Credit on that one @markjw - go there before it did :smile:

Using file.ReadFromFile(filePath); I will be able to load each file and parse the contents for any API clean up stuff I need to do.

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