State only showing up if I include account balance

Really random thing but this shows up in an entity grid with the correct formatting:

<size 12> Utility Customer </size><linebreak/>
<size 42><b> {ENTITY DATA:CName}</b></size>
<size 1>${ENTITY ACCOUNT BALANCE:$1} </size>

but this doesnt work

<size 12> Utility Customer </size><linebreak/>
<size 42><b> {ENTITY DATA:CName}</b></size>

It just shows up as the entiy name

Could I ask why?

Its the $1…
There needs to be either the {0} or $1 in a state format for expressions to work, even if the expression doesnt need one there needs to be one somewhere in the overall.
I solved this by setting it as invisible and size 1 right at the end. See below;

<size 32><b>Room {ENTITY NAME}</b></size><linebreak/>
<size 24>{ENTITY DATA:Guest Name} ({ENTITY DATA:No. Guests})</size><linebreak/>
<size 24>INHOUSE</size><linebreak/>
<size 16>Package: {ENTITY DATA:Booking Package} [{ENTITY DATA:No. Guests}]</size><size 1><color #00000000>$1</color></size>

In this example I could probably have just but $1 instead of {ENTITY NAME} but I was following a pattern at the time.

Just put <size 1><color #00000000>$1</color></size> in there somewhere.

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