Steak Prep Popup

I am trying to make a how cooked steak preparation pop up. whats the best way to achieve this.

Order Tags. These are what what many refer to as modifiers.


The best way is the way you want it to be. No right or wrong. I create a lot of things that Gurus here think it was not a good idea but it is the way I want it.

So, you need to give a lot more info than this. Create mock up picture/scretch what you like it to be.


Yep Sambapos lets you shoot your own foot or even tar and feather yourself if you want it too.


Hi If you read my post again you will see i am not asking if its possible to do what I need but what in your opinion is the best way to achieve it. I already understand the almost limitless possibility’s of Sambapos.

This forum is not very sympathetic to new members when asking simple questions !

I have over 20 years experience as a Casio engineer and will soon get up to speed with this software so please be patient with me for a while.

Hmm perhaps you misunderstood my joke to sukasem. You got two answers and one request. I was making a joke to sukasem. Order Tags is your best option but like sukasem said you have many ways to do it and our opinion doesn’t mean much unless you share with us what you want to do then we can assist you with questions once you get started.

I respectfully disagree I see simple questions answered hundreds of times every day. This forum is probably the best software community I’ve ever been apart of.

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Hello @mick123. The answer for “popping up steak preparation options” is using Order Tags feature. You can click on magnifier icon to search for order tags. I’ll also add a link to the end of the post.

However it does not ends there. If you’re asking Best Way you probably aware of order tags but it does not fits to your needs. To be able to determine which way is the best way for you, we need to know about your need more than just once sentence. People sometimes asking weirdest ways to use features but even it is wrong for “developers of SambaPOS” we don’t question it and try to solve that. Because we know every business is different and we never argue about best way to do something. This is the meaning of taring and feathering yourself.

So think it like that. Our restaurant is a little different. We have few default food in our menu but if you want something specific (best) for yourself we bring whole staff next to your table and listen what you want. It makes ordering a little harder but at the and of the day you’ll eat something that perfectly customized for your taste and body needs.

btw this is the link for product modifier tutorial.


Thanks Emre

Your Tutorial using order tags was perfect. I had tried several different methods for adding a tag but your tutorial made it clear and give me exactly what I wanted.

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Good to hear you solved it. Next time think twice before asking “Best Way” lol. That generally confuses new people but if you keep using & learning it you’ll see what happens here is really amazing :wink:

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