Step By Step Guide Ti Configure Simple Inventory Control

I am Very New to to Inventory and Warehouse. Can anyone help me to find good KB to read and understand how to implement Stock Control for just products and then go to the recepies

You have to use recipes to do any stock control even if it’s just one to one. If you search for Inventory there is a great tutorial by QMcKay

Search for this:

Inventory CONSUMPTION: Inventory Items, Products, Recipes, and Order Tags

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Thanks a lot for reply. I have an issue that i could not find any option to bind product to bill consumption. basically i do not have any recepies i am just selling finish products

You still have to create a recipe so say your selling a table, you would need an inventory item called table that you link with a recipe to your table product

Then when you sell the table product it will decrease you table inventory item