Step by step on how to Configure multiple concurrent RDP clients to run SambaPOS (IPHONE ,IPAD, Galaxy tablet)

Problem is Microsoft patched it with windows 8 so it will not work. They will continue to patch it in future as well. I am not sure when the patch that disabled the hack was released its been a while now.

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this what happen to me right now. im using 2x remote application server console and i setup a terminal there(i only setup the terminal, am i missing something here?). and then i connect my android using 2x rdp apps on my android to access pc. i can open sambapos using my android but i cant use it on the pc at the same time. im using the android to take order for my restaurant and the pc for cashier. so if i cant use both at the same time, it will be a problem for me…

(further explaination)
my android can connect to my pc right now, but while im connecting my android to pc, the pc cant be use. if i use the pc(meaning log in on the same user account on windows) the connection will be disconnected. so i create another user account on my windows, let’s say my first account username is “faheem” and second account username is “test1”. if my android log in “test1”, on pc i can only log in “faheem”(can i log in on one user account on windows with both android and pc at the same time?) . so the sambapos program will not be the same if i use separate user account…

tomorrow i’ll snap the photo if this is not clear enough as i cant snap it right now because all of the devices are at my restaurant.

thank you… hope you can help me.

we have the same question ongoing here.

Windows does not support more than 1 RDP connection. Windows server with the right RDP licenses does support multiple RDP connections.

Hello JohnS,

now i already can make my android connect to pc in different windows user. i can open the sambapos on the android.
how can we make the android using the same sambapos as pc and use it at the same time im using pc?
means, i want waiter to take order from customer using android, and at the same time can we use pc as cashier on the same sambapos ?

maybe i should choose either to buy w8 tablet or windows server…

Win8 tablet wil be considerably more affordable. To support Multi RDP you need licenses as well as server. Your looking at around $1000-1500 to start with. A windows tablet can be bought for around $99

i should try first connecting it using sql express right?
how to install sambapos on windows 8 tablet? is it same as on pc?
and how do we connect it from pc to windows tablet(when we key in data from tablet, on pc also changing)?

SQL Server is the database program where SambaPOS stores data. If you configure all terminals to connect to the SQL Server they’ll be able to work on a common database.

Windows 8 tablets are same with windows 8 installed PC’s. You need to ensure installed OS on the tablet is not Windows RT version. Microsoft dropped RT versions but still there is a little chance these tablets may exists on market.

What you need to do is installing SambaPOS on two PC’s. Installing SQL Server one of them and make them work together by following these tutorials.

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You will want to use SQL Express, is my recommendation regardless and leaves you open to upgrading to windows tablets with local samba install without messing arround at later date.

As emre says you need to make sure a windows tablet does not have RT version of windows, so long as it doesnt the windows on the tablet is the same windows you have on desktop, FULL OS.

You would use SQL express and input the database details into the connection string. This is well documented on the forum many times.

it works! thank you.

now… the problem is… my old data on sambapos all gone…
i try this…
This collection of scripts will convert a Compact SQL (*.sdf) database to SQL Express 2012 database and update SambaPOS to use the database.


1… SambaPOS should be working using the Compact SQL database -> SambaPOS4.sdf
2… Install SQL Express 2012 exactly as documented here97 - DO NOT follow step 4. Using SQL Express 2012. and do not run SambaPOS after installing SQL Express.
3… Locate SambaPOS4.sdf and place all of the files from the attached ZIP file into this location. The location usually is C:\Users{user}\Documents\SambaPOS4.
4… Check in C:\ProgramData\SAMBAPOS\SambaPOS4 and make sure that SambaSettings.txt file is there.
5… Run import_sql.bat
6… Run SambaPOS. Go to Manage->Settings->Local Settings and make sure the Connection String is Data Source=localhost\SAMBAPOS3; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=SambaPOS4;

This was designed and tested on Win7.
This is non-destructive to your Compact SQL database, but as always I make no guarantees. Always make a copy of your SamabPOS4.sdf file first.

CE2SQL.zip37 (209.8 KB)

but it didnt work…

also this…

it stuck with an error “sql compact scripting utility has stopped working”

Look up the SQL express 2014 tutorial I wrote it has updated information on how to convert as well as updated database setup information for SQL express 2014 which is latest version.

Im using sql 2012 :frowning:

guess have to setup back the sambapos

will try sql 2014 later :frowning:

The tutorial for converting the sdf will work for 2012. You should use 2014 it’s the latest there is no reason to use old software.

Does this trick also work for windows 10 RDP ?

This is a patch/crack which windows has secured before and imagine there is a fix in windows 10 but haven’t tried myself.
The fact it is a patch/crack means it could be fixed within a windows update and if you feel the need to use the congruent RDP patch this is something you will have to take in to account.
Disabling updates will likely leave your system insecure.
Given that windows 10 is so new and there are likely to be regular security patches I would not personally use this with windows 10 if it did work/an alternative is available as above you will either loose the patch in an update or leave yourself very insecure by not updating.

The hack was patched long ago in windows 8 it will not work in 10 nor will it work I with updated 8