Stock Transfer from Shop Storage to Kitchen Storage

Hi Emre,

I have been deploying Sambapos v2 to chinese restaurant and local Cafes. It works like a champ. However for chinese restauarant, i have encounter several issue or difficulty in tracking those inventories. It would be much appreciated if you or anyone can enlightened me how to resolve it. And i am upgrading v2 to V4 currently (am testing the functionality where v2 dont have)

  1. For most Chinese restaurant, there will be two storage, one at the kitchen and one at the shop front. Usually shop front will store those dry goods in large quantity eg. seasoning, flour, noodles and cans foods. While the kitchen storage will have two types of categories: Frozen Meat and seafood; and the other would be those chef recipe sauce that is made from several type of seasoning and sauce and noodles, sauce in bottle etc. (Meat and Seafood will send directly to the kitchen storage)

  2. For meat and seafood, after process it will be lesser than the original purchase weight.

  3. For chef Recipe sauce (usually will be made from different type of ingredients from the shop storage), then the chef recipe sauce will be used in dishes that customer ordered.

The scenario is as follow:

Kitchen staff from time to time will go to the shop storage to take the needed goods (sauce in bottle, noodles, flour, seasoning etc) to kitchen to prepare chef recipe sauces or pre-cook ingredients. Others will be used for cooking.

So in order to track the flow of inventory, i created 4 warehouse: a) Shop Storage, b) Kitchen Freezer c) Kitchen Received d) Kitchen storage

And the workflow will be:

  1. Sundry Supplier -> Shop Storage -> Kitchen Sotrage

  2. Meat/ Seafood Supplier -> Stored in (Kitchen Received) -> Kitchen Process Meat/ Seafood -> Stored in (Kitchen Freezer)

I would like to implement a quick and easy way to track the kitchen staff taking stock from shop to kitchen, my intention is using a bar code scanner. the flow is as follow:

  1. kitchen Staff Scan ID Card -> system automated goto warehouse -> stock taken scanned -> inventory transaction recorded (transfer of stock from shop storage to kitchen storage

  2. Kitchen received Meat/ Seafood -> keyed into stock received (Kitchen Received) -> then processed -> keyed in processed stock in (Kitchen Freezer). The product sold will based on the processed food where recipe will be created based on the processed food inventory.

I hope you can help me or enlightened me how to utilized the new features and functions in V4 to have it done.

Thank You

I’ll recommend you to follow @QMcKay’s solution.

Hi Emre,

Thanks for the swift reply. i will look into @QMcKay’s solution and try it out.