Strange and absurd problem with report

Hello we have a very strange problem (solved) with products reports, maybe can help someone. Some products sells was not added to reports. Was not in list of selled products and prices was not added to total. Was strange because, i found late,r if i write again the same name everything works fine.
Before i thought was a problem of DB because record can be corrupted and when i write new name record will be repaired but if i copy name on text file , write new name (now works) and i copy and past back old name it again disappear. Because name are in cyrillic i I thought maybe some russian fonts make noise to the system (product is list good in menu, added to table, printed where ordered etc… everything works fine except reports) but everything is solved if i write exactly the same name with same characters.
I didnt understand what can be happen , i have backup of db if needed.
Sorry for my bad english if you want understand better and have some question please don’t hesitate to ask.

Any punctuations? Show the report.
I have had a custom report where if product name contains certain characters or report is done a certain way if it contains ‘AND’ can cause issues as it then messes with the SQL/expression of the report.

@tc001mt please show us some screenshots of the product and the report, maybe the report template as well that will help us understand what is going on.

happened with me also, when there was a space after product name or comma was used in product name

Thank you to all for answer. Honestly i posted this not to find solution, i already found, but because maybe developer can receive more information about their nice software. Maybe in report generation (on the tables and print was everything ok) need some modification to avoid this kind of problem make became people crazy (i worked around 4-5 hours before to understand where was a problem). Or simply hoping to help next will have this problem :slight_smile:
@Jesse, thank you for reply. if you want i can send you backup. About report template, in the beginning I thought so too but i applied all workaround and templates found in forum with no luck. Now i am sure was some character saved somehow. Which words are not important because we write again the same word and all was good.

Ok so it is now working after you renamed it. Unfortunately there are some characters that are reserved for other functions due to how the system works. There may not be a way around that. Due to how flexible the system is and how much power it allows us to customize it this is a tradeoff sometimes.