Strikethrough function and ticket total(without reductions) tag for templates

topic says it all, i like to get strikethrough function and a tag for ticket total without the reduction of the gifts and rounding/discount amounts in ticket template cause i want to show client the price of the ticket without reductions striped trough (like this), i tried the

<J10>~~{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Submitted}~~ also tried <J10><S>{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Submitted}</S>

for now i used<J10>{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Submitted} to get the total amount of the ticket without any reduction of gifted calculated, but a tag like {TICKET TOTAL AMOUNT} would be easier and better solution for this.


You wouldn’t want it before the open line format tag in either option…

sorry my bad typed it wrong here but in my template it isn’t before the open line format tag
in my template its <J10><S>{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Submitted}</S>

will edit it now :slight_smile:

Where have you seen that though? Unless you set printer to use HTML HTML codes won’t work.
If it’s a printer setting it would be printer specific,
I have done bold before and for my printer it was <EB> and <DB>
I expect it would be a printer based thing as xct/POS is sending raw characters without much formatting,
Even left and right alignment is just samba calculating spaces using the line count setting, it’s not actually aligned just spaced out.

thx JTR i think you are on to something there i assumed it isn’t working due it not showing inpreview but i havent tested it by printing so probably it will come out like intended.

will test it in couple of min will let you know the result once i know :wink:

So @JTRTech i tested it but no luck in preview it shows the line(Total sans remise:580)
But once printed it doesn’t show a thing

here is my full layout

-- General layout
<L00> Time:{TIME}
<J10>Total sans remise:|<s>{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Submitted}</s>
[<J10> Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
<J10> Total:|{TICKET TOTAL}




-- Default format for orders

-- Format for gifted orders
<J00> - {QUANTITY} {NAME}|<EB>*offert*<DB>-{TOTAL AMOUNT}

-- Nothing will print for void lines

-- Format for order tags

-- Table entity format
<L02> Table: {ENTITY NAME}

-- Customer entity format
<J00> Customer: {ENTITY NAME} | {ENTITY DATA:Phone}

There is not a strike through but you could put it in brackets like (5.88) using ternary.

Yeah probably will be the only solution for now, with this i will change the category to a request for the following update. :slight_smile:

Also does anyone know if there is a format tag for ticket total without the reduction of the gifts and rounding amounts? otherwise i will put that to in the request.

Plain total - but don’t think gift will be excluded since it’s calculated without price, but you could do a sum probably adding gift value back in.

It’s not going to be a samba request.
POS type printer sends raw text so would be feature on printer.
If you use HTML for printer type it renders before sending and prints like a normal printer so strike through would probably be doable with hrml

I tried using html but that just changed the layout of the ticket for some reason but didn’t print the strike trough

yeah plain total doesn’t exclude gifted items first i was also thinking of doing a sum calculation but then i came with the idea of using the submitted as all items are submitted any ways just need to double check later today if voided items are excluded from this as those are the only items that don’t need to be in the ticket total

Edit*: i checked the format:
<J00> Total sans remise:|({ORDER STATE TOTAL:Submitted})
and it does not exclude voided items so to adjust this i changed it to:
<J00> Total sans remise:|([=TN('{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Submitted}')-TN('{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Void}')])