Sub Category sort order

Noob question, I’m not at a PC and need to sort out this ‘important’ problem from home with instructions via Facebook.

Sub categories on the menu have changed sort order. How is this changed? If i had PC here i could probably work it but whilst on mac i cant check it :sunny:


They are changed in menu category settings

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Update. I just went to check myself cos he couldn’t do it.

It was edit product properties. Change sort order.

It sorts the sub menus in alphabetical order depending on the sort order.

Pretty sure it orders them based on the fist occurrence of that sub menu name in the order the products are in the category.
Might be wrong but pretty sure mine are not in alphabetical order… and no they are not :slight_smile:

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Exactly correct.

Sort your Category Products so that there is at least 1 Product of a SubMenu at the top of the Product List. It’s assigned SubMenu will be shown first in the list of SubMenus, then the next Product belonging to a different SubMenu will dictate the second SubMenu to be displayed, and so on.


no wait your right, just so happens it WAS alphabetical.

So we had to do sort order to make it right.

But its sorted now :smiley:

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