Sub Menu Buttons Multiple Lines

Is there any way we can set sub buttons/sub menu buttons to have two lines?
\r doesnt work - can understand why.
Any way we can implement something to achive this?

Using <br/> will probably work but I’m not sure if it cause any issues or not when you have multiple nested levels. We should test that.

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It causes issues with active category formatting if first part is the same as another sub menu/category…
If in Premium it only highlights that but Premium<br/>Bottles highlights both.
FOrmatting code: <panel red><bold><color white>{0}</color></bold></panel>

Yes we assume Premium Bottles is a nested sub-category for Premium category. You should use Premium xxx instead of just premium when you have premium bottles as a separate category and it is not sub category for premium.

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Arrr, sorry, I see, its not the <br>, thanks, sorted. :smile:
They were all single words befor. only used these as a tester for the <br/> and incorrectly and stupidly chose the previous category LOL

Where to put this? I want to format active sub menu color too.

EDIT: FOund it Edit Menu Properties

where to place break line operater <br / to show submenus to multiple lines???