Sub Menu for Choice 1 OR Choice 2 AND Choice 3?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to configure some tricky menu options. I have several Menu Categories; Grille, Pasta, Seafood, Sides, Soup and Salad (one category because there is only one soup and a few salads), etc. Some of the entree Categories come with the choice of Soup OR Salad AND one Side included in the entree price. What would be the best way to configure these options without adding the normal product price to the entree selection? Ideally, I would like to force the OR, AND selection. Any suggestions?

This is quite straightforward - use Order Tags.

  1. Create an Order Tag Group that has Order Tags for all your Soups & Salads. In General settings, set both Min and Max selected items = 1.
  2. Create an Order Tag Group that has Order Tags for all your Sides. In General settings, set both Min and Max selected items = 1.
  3. Add all your entree products you want to have soup/salad + side into it’s own product group, and set the mapping of both of the 2 order tag groups to be for that product group (or alternatively you can explicitly specify entree products on your order tag group mapping)

For more info on using Order Tags, see:


Using V5
Thanks again for your help. I got the soup and salad to show up as a single button which toggles through the various choices. Since there are a few choices, I was hoping to get them as individual buttons and if a salad was selected, then show individual buttons for the dressing choices. Kind of a modifiers of the modifiers sort of thing. Is that doable? I already have a category for the soups and salads with the dressing modifiers working that way but not sure how to get it from a subset.

This video demonstrates how order tags / modifiers works. Video is in Turkish but you can understand what I mean. Do you need something like how Coca Cola tag works (0:30) ? If it is you can use order tag suffix feature to achieve that.

Yes, I think that is representative of what I was looking for. How is that being programmed?

I’l search on order tag suffix to see if i can figure it out. Thanks.

These two images may give an idea.

Fried, Scrambled, Boiled, Poached options will appear when Egg Button is clicked.

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Thanks, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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I completely agree with your picture comment you win a diamond badge!

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Didn’t know you can do that. That’s very useful for grouping order tags! :slightly_smiling:

So with reference to another post and the image above:

@Jesse would this be the best method to handle sales for Beer whereas the Quantity can be:
1 Stubble
6 Pack

Pricing alters as more means cheaper.

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Probably not. Those should probably just be order tags or portions. Best method is what works for you though.