Sub menu tags, one item multiple sub menu

I want to display one product in multiple sub menus for example, I want to display corkage fee in both sub menu red wine and white wine (Both red and white under Alcohol category). Comma is create multi level sub menu. What separator to use for one item, multiple location? Tried ; and | no luck

You can add a single product to a menu multiple times.

  • Edit Menu > Category
  • Double click on a category.
  • Right click on left pane and Click Display All Values menu item. That will add hidden (already seleced) items to the list.
  • Select Corkage Fee, close.
  • Select Edit Produt Properties. You should see two Corkage Fee items.
  • Set sub menu configuration.

I about to ask how can I add 1 action multiple time. I was clone a bunch of them :smiley:

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That is one of those hidden features that @emre leaks out every now and then but if you blink you might miss it haha.

You may have to create Tips & Tricks post :wink: