Subcategory Labels

For some item categories I would prefer the layout similar to order tags menu. Other than making 1 button for sodas and doing separate order tag menus, or creating subcategories, is there a way to show my beverages similar to this layout. What I’m imagining is you click on the category “Beverages” and it displays on the right:

Sodas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Juices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  APPLE       ORANGE                 ETC                     ETC

Hot Drinks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

COFFEE          TEA

Just like this but not order tags, menu items.

I could see this menu layout valuable in a few situations for me.


So your asking for a way to Sort Menu Items within a category and then use a Group Key Name?

Yes, within some categories it would be more efficient to sort by a Group Name than use subcategories. Basically there is variety menu items to require sub categories, but not a large quantity of those menu items that require sub category tabs.


This is my current work around for our sides menu which include basic sides as well as side sauces. I will be doing something similar with beverages. This works, but I prefer the look of the header above which is shown with order tags.


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@josephrussell this is a great solution. That screen have virtualization feature enabled so grouping will decrease screen refresh performance a lot when you have a lot of buttons. By using formatting tags you can add symbols or change font to give better indication of group header. I can also implement something for you not to paint them as buttons so they’ll appear like labels. Again it won’t be larger than button width due to virtualization but it may look better.

** Virtualization means we determine screen height by multiplying the number of button rows and columns so we don’t need to load all buttons to be able to calculate screen height.

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